"This belief, that man should live 120 - 150 years!"
We bring a combined 50 years experience to the adjusting table.
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We only provide one service, the chiropractic adjustment.

Some chiropractors also offer physical therapy, but PT is not corrective, it’s just ameliorates symptoms temporarily while significantly increasing the costs of care. In the concept of cause and effect, chiropractic adjustments correct the cause and the symptoms of spinal nerve interference, their aches and pains, go away as a product of spinal correction.

Our philosophy is to do the greatest good for the greatest number at the most reasonable cost possible. There is no more vital service to humanity that a chiropractor can provide than the chiropractic spinal adjustment, so that’s all we do! Why waste time with ancillaries when we have two and a half million bad backs in Jamaica and only a handful of chiropractors?

When vertebrae move out of place, they interfere with the transmission of the brain’s signals, through the spinal cord to all the organs and systems of the body, thereby suppressing normal function, leading to pathologies (diseases) and the shortening of one’s life span.

Since we practice ‘pure’ chiropractic, that saves our patients significant costs for the “extras” and, instead, lets them best use their limited funds to improve the quality of their life experience for the long haul.

In addition to our every day low fees, we also offer discount plans for our patients under regular chiropractic care with savings up to 50%.

Chiropractic adds years to life and life to years.

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Eden Gardens
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Supreme Medical, Shop #1,
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May Pen

Sunshine Pharmacy
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Hargreaves Hospital
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Montego Bay

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Perfect Health Medical Center
Dr. David Garwood’s office
31 Beckford Street


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