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Cancer Package

You’ve been diagnosed with cancer, now what will you do? It’s your life. It’s your decision. How well informed that decision is may well determine the remainder of your lifespan!

Your oncologist will probably recommend chemotherapy, radiation and possible surgery. Do you know the success rates for “cut, slash and burn”? The most important publication you will purchase is A DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO ALTERNATE CANCER TREATMENT, by Burton Goldberg, M.D., et al.

The most important phone call you can make is to Hospital Santa Monica, 1-800-359-6547. HSM is now known as Alpha Medical. They boast a 70% cure rate across the board for all cancers and a 100% cure rate for prostate cancer. And you get to keep your walnut!

Discuss your case with them at no charge and find out what your best options are.

Alkalize your body! Cancer grows in an acidic environment. Do you know what foods are acidic and which are alkaline? Most meats are highly acidic, especially PORK!!! Don’t even pet the thing! One of the most alkalizing foods are cucumbers! Eat them every day along with broccoli. Start you day with a half teaspoon of baking soda (highly alkaline) in a half glass of water.

Scroll down to the acid-alkaline chart here too.

Next learn about proteolytic enzymes. Rocky Fork is an excellent supplier. Get Univase Forte. Take 3 to 5, three times per day, as far away from meals as possible. Best to take them 1 ½ hours before or after eating. Proteolytic enzymes break down the cancer cells outer protein coating and allow the body’s immune system to take over.

Learn about nitrilosides, or Vitamin B-17, also known as Laetrile! Nitrilosides destroy cancer cells. One of the best sources is simple apricot kernels! One per ten pounds of body weight per day. If you weigh 200 lbs, you can take 20 apricot kernels per day. If you don’t have cancer, you should still take B-17 to make sure you never get it.

Rocky Fork is also an excellent supplier of apricot kernels.

Learn about vitamin D-3. Most of the debilitating diseases of aging, including cancers occur in bodies deficient in vitamin D-3. Go to and get his free newsletter. has a nice, easy to swallow mini-football D-3, 4000 IU.

Use his search engine to learn about the benefits of vitamin D-3 and also review his cancer articles. The body needs a minimum of 4000 – 8000 IU per day of D-3. More is required when fighting illness. Mega dosing requires blood monitoring to prevent hypercalcemia.

No cancer treatment regimen is complete without vitamin C. When vitamin C metabolizes, it converts to hydrogen peroxide and releases enormous quantities of oxygen in the body. Cancer is anaerobic, meaning it cannot survive in the presence of oxygen! Oxygen kills cancer!

Dr. Linus Pauling, father of vitamin C therapy who lived well into his 90’s, used the ascorbate or synthetic form of vitamin C, instead of ascorbic acid. Easier on the stomach.

It is easy to determine how much vitamin C you need! Just figure out how much it takes to make you run like Asafa Powell… the bathroom! This rule applies to everyone who takes vitamin C, whether he has cancer or not. A normal, healthy person might consume up to 5000 mg of vitamin C before getting that imminent feeling. A cancer patient might need to take 50,000 mg per day before he gets diarrhea. Figure out your maximum dose and back it down slightly.

Order it bulk powder form; three heaping teaspoons equals 50,000mg, easier than swallowing 50 tablets from

Now it’s time to learn about RIFE! Discover Raymond Royal Rife’s legacy for mankind, then buy a Rife Machine! Plasma tube only! Forget the footplate models! And wait ‘til you experience the pain frequencies! WARNING: pain frequency parties are expressly prohibited! How would you like to sit in front of this baby?

No cancer treatment package is complete without colloidal silver!

This company makes some nice units.

Now that you have expanded your cerebral cortex with all this vital, life-saving information, which patient do you think will have the greatest survival rate, the one who toxified his body with chemotherapy, destroyed his immune system with radiation and had his vital organs removed or the patient who chooses the enlightened path of self-responsibility?