"This belief, that man should live 120 - 150 years!"
We bring a combined 50 years experience to the adjusting table.



Michael Harvey, D.C.

Dr. Harvey, why won’t you accept my insurance?

When I tell you why, you’ll beg me not to.

Right now we are able to offer the finest, highly experienced chiropractic care at fees which are just slightly above our costs to provide you the service.

You only pay for your chiropractic care and not a never ending stream of insurance paperwork which would necessitate the hiring of several clerical people to process all these insurance claims and what would be the end result in patient cost?

It’s not a benefit if it costs you more to use it.

Furthermore, both health insurance companies on the island say they will cover less than two office visits per year with a referral and then, they deny the claims. Instead of our patient getting a cheque back, he gets a letter with just two words on it……”claim denied”!

And, of course, we would never be able to offer our cost-saving discount plans which save you up to 50% on your chiropractic care in our offices.

So it’s a ‘no-brainer’. Leave your insurance card at home and save!

Chiropractic the easy way, NO INSURANCE, NO PAPERWORK, NO HASSLE!

What conditions bring people to the chiropractor?

Back pain is the # 1 reason people consult a chiropractor, with the low back the primary offender. Patients also come in for neck pain, headaches, and pains which radiate down the arms or legs. These are signs of advanced nerve damage and most of these cases respond well to chiropractic care.

Patients who understand the body’s expression of pain get adjusted to maximize their health, to keep their bodies running like the proverbial well-oiled machine, and not just for the relief of pain.

Most chiropractic patients have their problems long before they start to produce pain. That’s why the informed chiropractic patient gets adjusted long before symptoms show up, because it’s not really about the pain. Chiropractic is all about FUNCTION.

A spine free of nerve interference allows the body to function nearer to 100%.

What does a chiropractor do?

On your first visit, a case history will be taken and a spinal examination conducted to determine the cause of your problem.

You will be placed face-down on the chiropractic adjusting table. After palpation, the misaligned segments (vertebrae) of your spine are gently adjusted by hand back toward their normal positions.

Depending on the results of your examination, you will be placed on a program of regular chiropractic adjustments, usually starting out at three times per week for the first several weeks until your long-established spinal problem begins to demonstrate significant change for the better.

What kind of results can I expect?

Most patients feel immediate relief after their first adjustment. A minority of patients will experience some soreness in the beginning of care; something like the way you feel after going to the gym for the first time in a year. That’s because of the buildup of scar tissue in the spinal ligaments as a sequelae of old traumatic injury. And when the chiropractor first begins to adjust these cases, there is a necessary disturbance of this tissue to prevent its otherwise uninterrupted progression.

Serious cases, where spinal arthritis has persisted for decades, may take some time before the patient sees significant improvement. Even the most severe cases generally begin to see encouraging changes after the first month of chiropractic care.

The long term goal of chiropractic is improved function and a longer lasting body.

Dr. Harvey is a 1980 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He practices in Kingston, Mandeville and Negril and has rendered over one million chiropractic adjustments in his career. Call for Appointment, 890-0265.

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