"This belief, that man should live 120 - 150 years!"
We bring a combined 50 years experience to the adjusting table.


Success Stories from Patients Just Like You!

Dr. Michael Harvey, who operates from Eden Gardens, New Kingston, has been my chiropractor for the past seven years. I have found him to be a resourceful practitioner who is very professional, competent and reliable.

During the period July – August 2007 I experienced excruciating pain in my right leg and eventually was unable to walk because of a spinal injury I had received in a motor vehicle accident in 1996. One prominent hospital wanted to do surgery on my spine even though they admitted there was no guarantee that I would walk after the surgery. I had known Dr. Harvey before this situation arose. I had visited him previously for a severe pain in my neck, which left me after my first visit to him. So I visited Dr. Harvey to see if chiropractic care could make me walk again.

After reviewing my X-rays and examining my back, Dr. Harvey correctly confirmed that I had the injury over ten years. He also indicated that it was the worst spinal injury he had seen. In response to my question whether I would walk again, he confidently affirmed that I would, but that it would take about a year. With Dr. Harvey’s assistance, in six months I could walk normally without the aid of crutches.

Dr. Harvey’s competence is unquestioned. He is widely read with a wealth of knowledge in other areas such as nutrition. This I have found to be valuable in assisting in the overall maintenance of my health. I am positive that had it not been for his intervention my condition would be much worst and my general health would have deteriorated. I am thankful everyday to be able to get the care I need from an expert as Dr. Michael Harvey. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services.

Paul T.

For many years before I met you, I had a serious back problem from an accident I had in my early teens which caused pain and discomfort that prevented me from being as active as I could be.

You have been providing chiropractor treatment to me for over 20 years now on a weekly basis which has now allowed me to be fully active without discomfort and you have provided guidance of how to manage my back problem on an ongoing basis.

I also appreciate your sharing your amazing knowledge of how to have a healthier lifestyle and the benefits of paying attention to the health related problems that could emerge if your spine is not managed. You also taught me that many Jamaicans have back problems from driving on bad roads which can be remedied through professional chiropractor treatment.

I would like to thank you for your ongoing commitment to give Jamaicans and visitors to Jamaica, professional chiropractor treatment island wide. Be assured, that I will assist you with the marketing of you and your team’s services . I am now marketing your Chiropractor services in the Countrystyle Health and Wellness packages for Jamaica.

Wishing you very success with the further expansion of your professional services in Jamaica

Diana McIntyre-Pike, O.D., Bsc.
Countrystyle Community Tourism Network
Mandeville, Manchester Jamaica

I am David C, a living example of what chiropractic care can do.

I developed major back pains 17 years ago and had been to a number of medical doctors for help. I could get no relief and was offered surgery as an option. I hated the idea of surgery and with a lot of persuasion and skepticism I decided to visit my first chiropractor, Dr. Flynn. At this stage I could not walk and had to be lifted, my left leg was practically dead and I was in a lot of pain. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GROWN MAN CRY??

My chiropractic experience has taught me about all the nerves in my back and let me realize that my spine is a machine and needs good everyday habits and periodic maintenance. Today after 10 years with Dr. Harvey, I walk without back pain and am even able to continue to play my favourite sport of cricket. I stay with my chiropractor even though I have no constant pain because I realize that without periodic maintenance and alignment I could easily slip back to where I was.

One of the greatest things is that throughout all this I have taken no tablets.

David C.

For years the recurrent problem of lower back pain plagued me and although I am versed in herbal and natural treatments long term relief was not forthcoming.

The physiotherapists tried but no proper help; other health treatments were administered, but after a little while the perennial pain never failed to show.

About three years ago I was introduced to the services of Dr. Michael Harvey’s Chiropractic and almost immediately I knew that I had found the right man.

Since then, no recurrent back problem and I continue to enjoy periodic adjustments from Dr. Michael Harvey.

Bless you Doctor. Keep up the good work!

Dr. Clarion Palmer

Just a word to let you know how much I appreciate the results of your chiropractic care. If you recall, when I came to see you the first time, I was in excruciating pain in my lower back, hips and legs–and my neck would give me fits as well. I could hardly walk when I first came to you and going to the mall was out of the question. I had difficulty doing anything because of the constant pain. I was truly afraid a wheel chair was in my future. NOW, it is a totally different story!!!! WOW! Now I can do all of my housework again and I can perform the duties so much easier. Best of all, I can pick up and hold my Grandchildren again. If anyone had told me that I could feel this good again, I would have laughed at them. I now have more energy and I am motivated to finally take off the excess weight. I can exercise again and do so daily. You better believe I will be in for my monthly treatment to maintain this degree of good health.

Thank you, Dr. Barney!

Helen K.

My husband and I drove to visit our daughter and family. On our way back, I began to get pain in my left leg and foot. By the time we got home, I could hardly walk. I couldn’t sit or sleep. The next day I had x-rays taken and was told it was my sciatic nerve. I was given pain pills, but they did not help. After two days I called Dr. Barney, and was told to come in that day. After four appointments, I began to get some relief. I went three times a week, and then two and then once a month. (I still continue to go once a month.) I returned to work after eight weeks. I urge anyone with pain to seek Chiropractic help. Dr. Barney helped me keep my job and made me feel normal again.

Mary K.

I met in a terrible car accident four years ago that left me with an inflexible spine that caused me great pain. X- rays and physical analysis showed that the ligaments between the bones in my neck and my entire back had healed in an incorrect way allowing little spinal movement, leaving my back as hard as rocks, possibly leading to degenerative arthritis. I experienced horrid pains along my spine and forever worsening menstrual cramps. My first encounter with Dr. Harvey and Dr. Tom Barney was a consultation: I explained my discomfort over the years and they reassured me that it could be fixed. They were beyond welcoming, pleasant, informative and reassuring. I was slightly apprehensive at first since I was ignorant of the procedure and miracles of chiropractics. To my surprise, the procedures are painless, quick and comforting.

With my condition, I had to visit every day until further notice. My first realignment left me with some discomfort, which was uncommon but understandable since it was the first time my spine had been touched in four years. By day three, my discomfort was negligible and I started feeling as if I had left the spa. I was told by Dr. Harvey that my body was made for chiropractic. I responded remarkably to the realignments and obtained fast results. The hardness of my spine was reduced tremendously by week two; the pains in my back had almost disappeared by week three and by my next menstrual cycle there were no cramps whatsoever. I am still a patient and will be for many more months to come because although I made such beautiful progress, work still must be done. I am grateful that I found Dr. Harvey and Dr. Tom Barney who perform miracles by chiropractic.

New Kingston